Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Red Sage Secrets, Volume 27...such good company!

It's official. My novella, Heart's Storm, has been slated to appear in Secrets, Volume 27, to appear at a bookstore near you in July, 2009.

It's a humbling moment once you've sold a piece to find yourself appearing in print beside some of your favorite writers. I'm thrilled to be sharing print space with my Red Sage sisters, Leigh Wyndfield and Nicole North.

I'll be putting up blurbs from each of the stories just as soon as we find out who the fourth author will be in this volume. But lemme tell're gonna love this book. A sweet talking rake, a passion struck mermaid, and a devilish, kilted hero who proves once and for all just what those bekilted highlanders really were hiding under those plaid pleats. :D

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