Friday, February 01, 2008

Get Your Freak on Friday!!!

Warning...this one is probably PG-13,so if you're squeamish about...anatomically suggestive portrayals of...umm....manhood...then his little celebration of some Grade A vintage beefcake probably isn't for you. ;c)


Thursday, January 31, 2008

What? I'm a writer?

Thanks to one of my twisted lit sisters, I've been reminded that this is supposed to be a blog about Barbie bashing...and...ahem....writing. You know, that which I do to avoid dealing with the *real* world. (Yes, Virginia, there is a world outside of your computer monitor...and it wants YOU!)

So. Writing. Yeah, I do that. And sometimes I agonize over it. Take this week for example.

I'm beginning to think I have some weird writer variant of OCD. Sure, I've been writing this week....for hours,honestly, but on the same scene. It's not a problem of plot...goodness, its a rip roaring one. Instead, I'm suffering this problem with aesthetics. But since I've got the action accounted for and the scene goal set, I should move on, right?

But I can't. I have this obsessiveness about how the words sound when they are read out loud and how they look as the reader's eye travels down the page. I like a certain ration of white space, which increases proportionately to the tension level in the scene.

So I agonize. Do the words flow? Do they chop, race, amble? Are the consonants hard enough and the vowels soft enough to take my reader where I want them to go?
If words aren't agreeing with the action on the page, then I can't move on. And once the words sound right, then guess what? Now the page has to look right. It simply must have the appropriate amount of white space to either draw the scene out, or give it the visual appearance of moving faster.

I wonder if anyone else is this obsessive? Is this some sophisticated way of avoiding the magic words--"the end"? I wonder about that, but I don't see my behavior changing, either. If I'm not aesthetically pleased with my prose....then I don't want to see it in print.

Yeah, I know. Freaky.

But then when did I ever stake clame to normal? :D What about the rest of my author friends out there? Do any of you have quirky habits that slow you down, but that you aren't willing to give up, either?

What am I working on? Kiss of the Cerberus, a hot romantic urban fantasy.

What am I listening to? The sound of my cat purring.

What's my goal for today? To lay the scene from hell to rest and move on for a Feb. 7 submission date. At this rate, I'll never make it. But moving forward, nonetheless.

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Come on now, you KNEW this was coming....

Eeep! It's youtube to the rescue, and JUST as I'd begun descending into the depths of Barbie Bashing Withdrawal Syndrome (not a pretty sight, trust me. I was actually eyeballing pink prom dresses yesterday.....) Fortunately, my DD surfed me over to The Gothic Charm School with an eye toward correcting my blasphemous moment of pink perversion. :D

Enjoy. :D