Thursday, March 06, 2008

Business of Writing

Rumor has it that in order to submit a series for editorial consideration, I must first come up with a *gasp* brief series overview. The requirement sounded easy enough--a one page, typed overview of the story's overall premise.

Oh. My. Goth.

I have slaved over this thing for days and it :) But I think its getting there since my 14 year old didn't exactly barf when I read it to her.

So, here we have it--the sum total of my week's work. Pathetic LOL.

Fang Cell
Series Overview:

Some legends are born. Others are made. But the legend of FANG CELL was forged at the gates of Hell itself.

On December 21, 2012, the world of Naval Special Operations changed forever.

Now, a virtual warfare experiment gone wrong has torn a rift between the virtual realm and the physical one. The war game's fearsome supernatural warrior, Ryder Black, has been catapulted into physical reality. Capable of assuming the form of the Cerberus who guards the gates of Hell, he holds the power to summon demonic scourges upon the heads of his enemies.

Now Ryder Black’s DNA is being exploited by a ruthless Navy Captain hell bent on creating an immortal army known as Fang Cell.
Discovering that the war game’s highly addictive substance known as Immortium has entered reality along with Ryder Black, the Navy now holds the power to cage and control the supernatural operatives like animals. The hopelessly addicted Fangs are forced to do a madman's bidding on the battlefield, or to face a hellish withdrawal from the substance they would gladly kill for one more dose of.

But the balance of power over the Fangs is threatened by the discovery that there is more to Immortium than its ability to render the Fangs compliant. When human women begin shooting the mysterious drug for its unmatched aphrodisiac effect, the Fangs begin to learn that the will of the heart is far more powerful than the evil aspirations of a madman. But can the power of love possibly be enough to stop a self-serving Naval Officer from unleashing the scourges of Hell on an unsuspecting world?

Only the passions stirred in the hearts of the Fangs by the women who love them will serve to elevate their stories into the stuff of legend.


Jennifer said...

Yuck. I hate doing those things. Yours looks pretty good.
Sorry I didn't post back, I've had the flu. Naked Authors is on blogger and also check out
several of my former teachers are there posting about the wriitng life, one a romance writer named Jessica Inclan.

Jennifer said...

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